A hand touches my cheek, fingers lightly tracing the contours, and I shiver, closing my eyes.
The dance begins.
Lips crush lips, tongues locked in a sweet embrace, bodies press together as the flame ignites.
Hand grasps hair and pulls back my head, hungry teeth grazing the vulnerable exposed flesh of my neck.
I sharply draw breath as searching fingers find my nipple, first pinching, then twisting until I whimper, savouring the sensations, *sigh*, drinking them in.
Hand envelopes breast, pawing, squeezing, nails digging into the milky skin. Under His strong hand the flesh yields, and I moan a response, basking in the pain.
His thumb flicks quickly over the throbbing nipple, creating shockwaves I feel in my core. My mouth searches for His, my arms wrap round his torso, clinging to Him, needing His touch.
Tongues tussle, more urgently now, the desire to consume overwhelming. I breathe him in.
Without warning a heavy palm lands a blow to my bare backside, my eyes flash open, finding amusement in His lustful stare. *bastard*
I am briefly defiant until the following blows fall, one, two, three *ouch*……..a pause and I hold my breath, resting my forehead against his chest, waiting for the fourth.

An involuntary whimper escapes my lips.

Four, five….*fuck, that stings*

His fingers venture underneath, and find what they seek……..my wetness. Fingers plunge inside my aching cunt, and I gasp…….a knowing smile parts his lips as I gasp again.
A vice like grip on my throat refocuses my attention, and I once again meet his stare. I’m calm, despite the nails that dig into my spanked cheek, carving a furrow into my reddened skin.
I purr as another blow falls, eyelids heavy as I begin to fly.
Pressure is applied to my clit and I swallow, breath ragged, the heat intensifying under His skillful touch.

“Come for me, slut” I hear in my ear as I grind my pelvis against His hand.

I hold onto Him as the crescendo builds, short, shallow breaths all I can manage.

“Come on, slut ” He growls, insistent in His command.

I finally let go, and soar.
I grip his forearm, requesting the pressure on my most sensitive place cease. It’s too much.
I’m light-headed, and glowing. *sigh*

He moves to stand behind me, pressing His cock against my body. I press back, hard.
I need Him.

He pushes my upper body forward, hand on the back of my neck, holding me in place as he savagely plunges His cock inside me. *Damn*
Urgent thrusts are matched by my gasps each time His cock slides home.
He grasps a fistful of my hair and yanks my head back, anchoring himself to me.


The pace increases, and I know He is close…..part of me craves his come inside me, part of me doesn’t want the pounding to stop.
It’s irrelevant.
A final, brutal thrust signals the arrival of His orgasm as his balls empty their seed into my aching cunt. I feel each spurt, and purr once more. At that moment we are one.

Sweat coats our skin as we begin to recover from our tryst, chests rising and falling to our own private rhythm.

I close my eyes, content, as his arms close tenderly around me, holding me to him.