Everytime I come across an article written with D/s in mind where the Brat issue is tackled, I start to get a little pissed off. There is always the notion that brattish behaviour is ‘disrespectful’ to the Dom etc etc blahdy fucking blah.

Not once has anyone looked at it with an alternate perspective, that maybe the Brat is a defense mechanism, that maybe a sub needs a little bit of the Brat in order to be able to explore her submission at her own pace.

Or that the sub doesn’t know how to voice her concerns, doesn’t trust herself enough to do it, so the Brat takes over and forces the situation.

I can, ofcourse, only speak from my perspective and experiences here, and I’m always open to alternative opinions, even if I may not agree with them 😉

It may just be that I’m kinda grumpy today, and the Brat has taken over, lashing out because she just wants to be left alone, whilst the sub just wants to curl up in a ball and forget the world exists for a while. In the space of 24 hours I’ve gone from feeling great, to having a bitch of an head cold, and I’m not taking it very well.
Infact, I think *if* there were a man on the scene, I’d have pissed him off today to the point of being disciplined, or even worse, ignored.

Fuck it, I’m going back to sleep.