Whilst one ran a hot bath, adding some essential oils to the water and gently swirling it around, one’s mind wandered to the act of submission, or the art of submission, or the process of submission…remember, I said the mind was wandering….it couldn’t really settle on any one particular thing  on which to focus, as such.

When one flirts with the words written upon the various blogs one reads, it becomes quite clear that to each individual, the act of submission, the journey upon which one travels to reach the point of submission is different on a variety of levels.

Some like pain, devour it before it devours them. Some require the subtleties of the mind game, jousting with their respective Dominant/Master/Daddy. Some require correctional/punishment spankings to keep their submission on track.

For me, it’s not about the exquisite pain which can be inflicted, making one squirm and whimper and soar.  It’s not about staring the Dominant in the eye, glaring defiantly and screaming ‘Make me’ when an order is issued, or the strike of hand upon skin.

It’s about letting Him in so He can hurt you, and not being afraid.