When one searches for images relating to D/s, submission etc, the vast majority are very sexual by nature, overtly so in many cases. Now, just to clarify, there’s nothing wrong with this, but sometimes one wishes to find an image that says it all, without the overtness, without the in your face sexuality, because D/s isn’t simply always about the sex, right?

Well, above is one image I found that I thought had a certain innocent beauty to it.

Head bowed, she presents His implement of choice to Him, naked, waiting. How long *has* she been waiting? Which infringement of rule bought her to be presented as thus, how many strikes of leather on tender flesh will it take to assuage her guilt, or rid him of the desire to punish? Is He sitting, out of sight, watching her, challenging her to think about her prior actions, and subsequent responsibilities to serve? Will she vocally express her pain, both physical and emotional, as each blow falls, or will silent tears fall as she strives to do better next time?

There are miriad other questions this image poses, these are just a few which immediately spring to mind.

I love when an image can make you stop and think.