submissive journal prompt

Communication, or rather my lack of ability to effectively do so.


One is asked a question.

One opens and closes one’s mouth like a fucking goldfish.

Words do not spill forth.

Instead, one’s mind goes totally blank, and refuses to co-operate.


How difficult can it actually be to answer a very simple question?

Very, is the answer.


It is something I need to work on, something that cannot simply be allowed to continue.

Mindreading is not *that* common an occurance that one can get away with remaining silent.


Tis not through an unwillingness to communicate, more a skill that has never really been practiced, one that never really……..developed.


It bothers me, quite alot, that I find it so difficult to even say a few words….for fear of, I don’t know, fear of ridicule, being laughed at, not being taken seriously……….?

I think it’s more a fear of opening up, letting someone in, giving them a piece of the puzzle as to how one’s mind works, then trusting them not to exploit the vulnerability.


I’ve never trusted anyone enough to do that. Maybe it’s time to start?