Being bitten, in a sexual context, is such an exquisite, erotic experience, and I love it.
All manner of motivations and emotions can go into a bite. Playful nips, a warning scrape of teeth along sensitive flesh, or a full on bite inspired by a profound need to devour and dominate *sighs*.

I adore the bite in all it’s forms, but there’s something intoxicating about being overpowered, and held down, whilst teeth cruelly find their target, mercilessly crushing flesh, eliciting squeals, moans and whimpering cries.

One of my favourite places to be bitten is my inner thigh(although the boobs, or neck, or bum etc etc works too *grins*).
Fuck, it hurts SO MUCH, usually to the point of being deliciously unbearable. However, once you allow yourself to experience the pain in it’s entirety, not just the initial shocking sharpness, the feeling, for me, transcends anything one may experience from an artificially induced high.

Instead of fighting the pain and bracing against it, one sinks into it, allowing the orgasmic warmth to encircle the body, endorphins dancing through the bloodstream, and ultimately, perversely maybe, bringing about a comforting sense of calm and serenity. To find teeth marks embedded in the surface of the skin afterwards is, in itself, thrilling.

A bite can subdue the brat, ignite desire in the wanton slut, it can punish or tease, maim or excite.
Fundamentally, for me, it’s about arousal.
Even done in punishment, I cannot help but be turned on by this simple, yet intense act. The power it wields over my body is tremendous, the heady mix of endorphins and orgasm my addiction.

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