3 images for this weeks Sinful Sunday.

Sir was in a rather evil mood last time I saw him. Ya know, one of those moods where you think to yourself Β ‘uh oh’. If you’ve ever read this blog, you’ll know that I love being bitten…..well, this fact was exploited somewhat, and below is the result of that. He had great fun making those marks, infact, he made them twice, because he said the first one’s were fading by the time he decided to take the picture *sigh*


The second pic is, again, unedited, and was the source of great mirth for Sir *scowl*. It’s what happens when the aforementioned person decides your arse and his belt are going to get better acquainted……
“Haha, it looks like reverse sunburn” said He.
“Hmph” said I!
These D types have a very odd sense of humour…….


Third image is the aftermath of the belt…..it was only abit ouchies for a couple of days after though, and didn;t really bruise too badly at all *grins smugly*. Maybe I shouldn’t be too smug about it mind, you just never know who might be reading….


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