I have a huge fascination with wax, and have played on a small scale with it in the past(both as the one in control of it and as the receiver), so when it was mentioned that Sir was going to be purchasing some candles for some wax play I was rather excited! Now, for me, the application of hot wax isn’t painful….yes, the sensation was intense, and it wasn’t long before the endorphins started to flow, but actual pain? No.
Having the wax dripped along the side of my back was like being licked by fire, a momentary ferocity as each drip fell. Oddly, I felt the sensation far more keenly on my front than my back…again, not painful, simply a heightened awareness of the impact of hot wax on skin. By the time both candles were expended, I was feeling very floaty indeed.
I cannot wait until we get to play with wax again.

Below are 3 images from the weekend.