Well, this is it, the end of the February Photofest, and I can honestly say it’s been a whole lot of fun. My mind needed something to focus on, and this was a perfect way to do that. I’ve loved seeing everyone’s photos, laughed at some, been in awe of the beauty of others. Thanks to Molly for the inspiration and for encouraging others to take part…it’s been a blast.

My final image is a candid shot, taken by Sir last time he was here. It’s the first time there’s been a picture of us, together, although, as you’ll see, it’s only certain parts of us on show *grins*. It also makes me laugh to see it, as, although I have wanted a pic of us to share here for a long time, when it came to Him taking it, all I could think was ‘take the pic, and fuck me already!’ 😀



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