Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, words spill forth from the mouth, His mouth, that have an immediate, profound effect upon mind and body, that coil themselves around the psyche of this complex girl, words that out of context could easily be misconstrued.

In context, however, holy fuck, in context, those words, His wonderfully provocative words, resplendent in their spontaneity, are utterly bewitching.

Did He really just say that?

Time stands still, and the words replay in my mind on a never ending loop of seduction and arousal. In that instant I want to consume Him, hold onto Him, and claw at Him as I welcome Him in, my body articulating what my mind now cannot.

Out of context, those words, His words, could destroy me. He knows this, and says them anyway, because in context, at a time where the world has suddenly shrunk, and only He and I exist, in gloriously beautiful context, I am completely and utterly mesmerized, and, as if it somehow needed making clearer, I am completely and utterly His.