I think I must have had a (rare…*ahem*) moment of madness yesterday when I signed up for the A to Z April blogging challenge. The idea is to write a post a day during April, excluding sundays,Β  using each consecutive letter of the alphabet as a prompt on the corresponding day (or rather a word beginning with said letter).

Being me, however, I didn’t really think it through….I just had a passing thought of ‘Ooooh, nice idea’, and my teeny tiny braincell never really made it any further than that *sigh*
If I was trying to be all clever and shit, I could say something along the lines of, well, it’ll give me something to focus on, enable me to channel some of the musings which I have that never make it onto the blog, and maybe give further insight into what exactly goes in inside the mind of the Flutterby.
However, I’ve tried being clever before, and it didn’t go so well, so all I will say is that yes, I signed up on a whim, no, I didn’t think it through, and yes, it’s my own damn silly fault when I’m sitting here every day, bar sundays, trying to write coherent posts and becoming increasingly frustrated with myself for being such an idiot!

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone, the joke is on me…….

Β ~

There are literally a couple of thousand bloggers who have signed up for this challenge.
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