Beat(verb) ~ To strike violently or forcefully and repeatedly

I had an entirely different post in mind when the word ‘beating’ was first suggested to me, but I happened to stumble upon a blog post this morning which completely altered what I planned to say.

The word beat, as defined above, or the action of beating or being beaten, can be highly emotive dependent upon circumstance and context. I say can be simply because, in relation to this blog, it’s not an action I would ever infer any negative connotations towards.

Case in point, I received a message from Sir, after I was being a bit(ok, a lot) of a pain in the arse…..basically just being myself really. Paraphrasing, because I don’t have the message to hand, it read something along the lines of “You just want to get beat”. On receipt of said message I will admit I laughed, and giggled, and experienced the little adrenalin rush I always get when He says things like that. He further added that He was going to do just that, and that I’d better get used to sitting down comfortably whilst I still could.
Did I think it meant He was going to come over and beat the living shit out of me in anger or out of malice as a direct result of my behaviour? Fuck no, ofcourse I didn’t. Could it be misinterpreted, by use of that, or similar phraseology, had I recalled the event without first establishing context, in a post? Yes, maybe it could.

As it happened, my arse did get beaten, repeatedly, by His belt, then by two of mine.

Do I think I ought to refer to the specifics of the situation as ‘impact play’ rather than using the term ‘beaten’? No, I really, truly don’t. I believe, if I were to write a post, in detail, about what actually occurred, using the term impact play would detract from the overall flavour of what took place….I don’t think I could adequately convey the emotions and the energy of the interraction between He and I at that time if I changed my choice of language.

I do understand what Elene was saying in her post, and I agree, in principle, with some of what she writes.
I myself have a huge problem with the word ‘whore’. It is on my hard limits list of words never to use at me or in reference to me. But just because I have a specific, negative, emotional response to that word doesn’t mean I assume everyone else will, and I certainly don’t believe that others should stop using that word just because I find offense in it. That is my responsibility to deal with, not the responsibility of the author who chooses to refer to others, or themselves, in that way. Just as I don’t feel the need to hide behind semantics, nor the burden of responsibility to soften my terminology to appease those who have a problem with the word beaten.

Elene’s post has made me wonder, though, if I ought to have a front page for my blog, a kind of disclaimer if you will, stating that everything I write here, any situation I may describe is fully consented to, and that no harm ever comes to me as a result of what Sir and I do. If nothing else, she has given me pause for thought, and I should probably thank her for that.