Todays post is for both the A to Z Challenge & Wicked Wednesday(the prompt of which, for this week, is hunger)


The image captivates, running on an eternal loop of carnal hunger being sated before my eyes.

I whimper, enraptured, frustrated by a visceral need to tend to my own desire.

I groan, and shift in my seat, a physical representation of my need evident between my thighs.

Temporary relief is sought, and granted, yet still an emptiness pervades.

An emptiness that can only be filled by Him.

I want to scream, to be hurt, to endure, to fight.

I want to struggle, be dominated, by lust, and by Him.

Whip me, mark me, scare me, thrill me.

Cane me, flog me, make me crawl, make me beg.

But after all that I have one simply need.

Fuck me.

Just fucking fuck me.

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