Edit: This IS now my S post(thanks Sylvie for that) ~ Shadow of Melancholy. I’ll write my originally intended S post another time, when my head is in a place to be able to do it justice.


….that I wish I had the release one gets from the administration of pain, pain which allows the deadlock of the mind to be broken, allows one to let go of some of the accumulated negatives and gain a modicum of peace.

The ‘S’ post for the challenge will not happen today, it’s taking effort to sit and write these few short sentences, I’m trying hard not to throw in the towel and give the whole thing up, despite how far along the journey I am.

This happens every now and again, the shadow of melancholy makes it’s home around me, and no matter how hard I try, I feel defeated at every turn.

I need to cry, but I just can’t….the tears simply aren’t there.
I need to scream but I have no voice, it’s been muted by the clouds.
I want to run away and hide, but I know that’s the wrong thing to do.

So I’m left with only one option.
To reach out and hope that I’m not left alone to fall.