There are a myriad blogs out in the blogosphere which cover the same topic I do here, or variations on the theme anyway. Some are factual and seek to educate and enlighten, others centre heavily on the sexual aspect of D/s, and BDSM as a whole. A large proportion of the blogs I follow are written by submissive women….some talk about relationship aspects, the cerebral side of the D/s dynamic, and others recount intimate tales of their sex lives.

Now that’s great. For them.
I am no prude, I love reading those blogs, love how they capture my imagination, love that, before Sir and I got together, they made me crave *that* kind of sex even more than I already did. Sexual vocabulary doesn’t offend me, it’s not like I’ve never said ‘cock’ or ‘fuck’ or ‘pussy’ before now. In fact, I’m very well versed in the art of profanity and sexual expression *nods*

But here, on my blog, I don’t want to write about the intimate stuff. Well, not in every deliciously gory detail anyway.
I don’t mind offering the odd glimpse through anecdotal reflection, performing a shadowed literary strip tease, but I draw the line at revealing all.


Well, it’s two fold.

1. I don’t think I could adequately do the subject justice. Seriously. One of the first blogs I came across on the subject was what is now one of my favourite blogs ever, Exploring Surrender. Conina’s writing is just fantastic, she manages to encapsulate and convey everything I wanted to feel (back then) and do feel now when Sir and I are together. Reading her blog helped me understand more about myself, and helped me realise that it was okay to want that kind of sex, to be dominated in that way. She’s eloquent and articulate in ways that I am not, and so one can live vicariously through her words. If you ever need a distraction, peruse her blog, it’s a very good example of how to write a sex focussed blog.

But the main reason that x rated posts would rarely appear here is that I just don’t want to share those things. I’m guarded and private by nature, and so it would just feel wrong to put all that out there for everyone to see. I want to keep those details for myself, to play them over and over in my mind, enjoy them in retrospect, revel in the memories and find comfort in the world we create for each other, with each other, knowing it’s a world just for us. I want to look back at those times and share my thoughts and feelings on them with Sir, and Sir alone. Ultimately, I’m just not comfortable inviting people into that part of my life. We all know how sex works, the mechanics of it, and how wonderful and passionate and thrilling it can be. Go out and get some for yourself, you don’t need me to write it down for you!
Also, I write the blog primarily because there are some things I do need to write down, thoughts which, unless I emptied my head and put them in writing, would drive me to the point of distraction. I write it because it gives Sir an insight into what goes on in my head when the words in person are so hard to express. I write it because I like to take tiny pieces of what we do and describe how they make me feel, how He makes me feel, and the finer points of submission on a deeper, more considered level. D/s is about more than just copulation, and it’s those aspects I prefer to explore here.

I don’t need to write about the sex we have in order to do that.