The words flow in short, succinct sentences from His mouth, not a stream of superfluous dialogue to further clutter an already troubled mind, but the simple lexicon of a man seeking to further understand, and ultimately help solve, the problems placed before Him.
During this whispered verbal exchange, where one bewildered and floundering Flutterby is to be found, He wears many guises.
Lover, Dominant, friend, each aspect performing a vital role in showing the way forward.

“What have I told you about hiding from me?” the Dominant asks.

It’s a rhetorical question designed to make one think before stepping onto the path chosen by pride, and which will only ever lead one way, a question posed to cause the submissive to contemplate all the possible consequences of that action. She chooses an alteration of course, unequivocally, wishing to follow where He leads, not blindly, but with a new found degree of surety which in itself provides the haven of safety she seeks. When she stumbles, He refuses to let go, refuses to allow her to turn away, He illuminates the way ahead, allaying her fears, holding her hand as she fights her demons.

The lover holds her close, skin to skin, face to face, soothing kisses and a welcoming embrace into which she melts, seeking the connection only they share.

The friend listens patiently, without judgement or censure, allowing her the freedom to express what troubles her most. He knows it isn’t easy for her, he knows that words are her nemesis, that bearing one’s soul in such a raw way is anathema to her stubborn, defiant nature, but by providing this neutral environment where she can speak freely, He tempers her desire to push Him away and flee.

When all the tears are cried, when anxiety is overcome, when one’s mind is put to rest, one reflects.

The bond can only be strengthened by the experience, but she is forced to acknowledge that she, at times, does not allow the man the credit He deserves. She trusts Him with her body, expects Him to live up to her expectations, but then still holds parts of herself back. She expects Him to keep giving, but why should He if she doesn’t give in return?
These are aspects of herself of which she is deeply ashamed, but she can but hope that He will forgive her her failings as she humbly places them before Him, and allow her the opportunity to put them right.