Thoughts, fragmented.

Whisper to me your fantasy, and let me hand it back to you, gift wrapped in humility as I kneel
with respect
at your feet.
Allow me to be what you need me to be.
Accept this, my submission, and know that it’s yours for as long as you wish and desire it.

Dreams, restless.

Hands, limbs, bodies entwined.
Fire, warmth, lust, comfort.
Your breath, hot, on the back of my neck.
Through touch I feel your passion
dark, dangerous.
Through your words I hear your need.

Fragility, transient.

Don’t worry about me.
I trust you
To know how far to go.
Allow adrenalin your journey to guide.
Channel it, powerful, intoxicating.
Danger becomes you.

My knees,
My mind,
willingly overwhelmed

On my mind today.