Dacryphilia: Do you like it when I cry ~ aka does it make you hard?

A torrent of fear cascades down my cheeks, feral, unrelenting, a visual descriptive of the narrative within. His aura surrounds me, crimson, charred, pulsing in time with his cruel sadistic heart.

beneath this man, all semblance of control is lost.
*context, prior agreement*
I forfeit my right to say no.

Totality, surrender…danger taunts me from behind his deep obsidian eyes.
My body wracked by sobs, the fear is real, terrifying in it’s magnitude, emotion magnified.
Pain amplified, I scream, primal, visceral, anticipation never felt so good.

“You’re shaking with fear” He delights in telling me, teeth bared in lascivious grin.
Glee is written all over His face, He seems fascinated, by me, by my tears. He cocks His head with a predatory curiosity.
I shiver as the frosty whisper of panic licks my skin.
I feel so cold as He revels in my discomfort.

He lunges at me, and I (try to) shy away, as much as I can anyway. My wings are pinned, not by physical restraint, but by His overwhelming presence. I’m reminded, in that second, that mine is to endure, to feed on His dominance as His arousal is fed by my tears.

Enamel sinks into flesh, my flesh, pale, as yet unmarked.
With gloriously devilish intent, He changes that fact, warning nips are just the beginning as His teeth repeatedly crush my skin.

Even if I wished it, I cannot hold back, and I weep my lament as He drinks His fill. Warmth bathes my cheeks as He pauses the torment to taste my fear, it’s flavour coating His tongue.

*I voice my own arousal as my fingers encircle Him at His behest*
is what your fear(tears?) does(do) to me”

Slowly, deliberately, He takes what He wants, from me, from my body.
I am His in my entirety.

Even as He sates His lust, my tears continue to fall.
I feel the energy, the danger, gloriously rich, eminating from Him, and I’m willingly adrift in all He encompasses.

I never imagined crying could feel so liberating, yet even in my abject distress I am at peace.


Retrospective reflection ~ The experience as a whole was a huge rush, for us both, but He tells me later, when I ask, that my tears did indeed serve to turn Him on. We didn’t set out to indulge this particular paraphilia, but what occurred between us has certainly piqued my own curiosity about it, and I wouldn’t be adverse to further exploring this(for me) fascinating phenomenon.