I had an awful lot of fun this week messing about taking pictures. This time last year I wouldn’t have had any fun in front of the lense, and would have been incredibly downhearted had a shot not turned out as I had planned. Recently, however, I’ve started to let go and try different things, and not get upset or down on myself if a picture didn’t turn out as envisaged. I must have taken about 80 shots in total, although a lot of them were very similar poses….it was fun going through them and seeing how angles changed the lighting, changed the emphasis, and above all, what works for me, and what doesn’t. As a result I have 5 maybe 6 images I am happy to use for Sinful Sunday, and here is the first of them. I’ve put up first the unedited(save for cropping) image, and then the same photo I had messed about with a little. I hope you like them!



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Sinful Sunday