Aerosmith ~ I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever

He pulls me to Him, the calm to my sometimes uncompromising storm.
Balance sought, a need to put the roles of sadist and masochist thrill seekers to one side.
Words sooth, touch centres.
Lying face to face, still Sir, still pet, but softer than the veritable maelstrom of raw, obdurate desire would allow.

Some of my favourite moments have been spent this way, wrapped up, passive, protected, in His arms.
There’s often no need for words, our eyes provide the narrative, rendering voice redundant, inadequate.
A time to connect on a different plane where energy flows to a less frenetic beat which a constant mantle of darkness would seek to conceal.

To be constantly mired in the evilness which thrives within our most wicked desires would be to dilute it’s potency, it’s power, it’s delirium inducing affect upon us.
Never to be satisfied, always searching for the latest, newest, edgiest high.
I don’t want His evil to become the norm, I don’t wish to view it through jaded eyes.
I don’t want to be the opiate junkie crawling, lost, in abject despair, desperate for the next fleeting addiction quenching hit.

There’s space in our lives for every shade and nuance of dynamic felicity.

He is my addiction.
Him, in His entirety.
Sadist, bastard, protector, gentleman, and every facet of His humanity in between.