“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”
― George Orwell, 1984


I had a conversation with Sir about today’s image, because it shows the part of me I hate the most, the part of me that makes my life a living nightmare sometimes, the part of me which bears witness to the only visible, physical evidence of the endometriosis.
The mottling on my belly occurs when the pain gets bad. Some days it’s barely visible, others it’s very obvious. My belly is a no go zone for touching on those days.
It has looked worse than this, and I did produce an edit which atleast mostly hid it.

feb1-bBut Sir said
“well, the mottling is part of you, tis kinda like scars, evidence of living n stuff…”
and, ofcourse, he’s right.
It is part of me, it tells part of my story for me, so I decided to show the pic as it is, without much more than I slight adjustment to the lighting.

feb1I still have mixed feelings about the image, but I can’t edit the endo out of my life, so maybe I shouldn’t try to edit it out of my images either?

This image is for both Sinful Sunday & February Photofest 2016.
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