Faithless, it creeps, uncoiling itself in tandem with the rope which drops from the body to fall flacid on the floor.

Cooling, subtly, the breeze with an insidious icy chill.
It’s the arms that once held you in comfort, yet now you only feel the ache of the loss of around you.

It’s abandonment you aren’t aware is happening until the silence echos, and nothing comes back when you call.
It’s the kiss you lament the ending of, the lips which brushed against yours yet the memory of which alludes you.

Warmth now glows blue, endorphins thin, adrenalin blushes, then pink bloom turns to white, nothing visible remains of the embrace you were once bound within.

It’s the echo of intimacy you hear in the distance which implores you to search for just once more as it plays hide and seek with your emotions, it’s the connection lost you fear you may never find again.

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