About Flutterby



I fear a page like this is supposed to give you an insight as to who I am, yet maybe it’ll only serve to complicate the matter further.

I could tell you that I am
submissive, yet that only tells you my role within my relationship, not my predilictions, as there is no one set of rules which defines that role, and because, for me, sex does not define my submission.

I could tell you that the term
means something entirely different to me now than it did when Sir and I first met, as back then he was not Sir and my perception was somewhat skewed by circumstance. Yet even that doesn’t provide much insight, as relationships have a tendency towards being organic, and words take on new meaning when someone else defines them for us.

I could tell you that I am not a great communicator, that I struggle with words, that they are my nemesis, yet that may only cause you to question why the blog exists in the first place given connected syllables are what blogs generally tend to be filled with.

I could tell you that this perhaps isn’t really a sex blog, and thus leave you disappointed.

So, what can I tell you?

I can tell you that submissive is not what, but who I am. It defines the core of me.
I can tell you that in a way, it’s anathema to my sometimes brash personality.
I can tell you that what you read here is often more honest than I’m comfortable with, often more telling than I realise, and occasionally reveals more of me than I’m ordinarily happy to do.
Yet still I write.
But maybe not as often as I should.