The #500words Project

The brainchild of Remittance Girl, the #500words project is pretty simple in it’s concept;write 500 words before engaging with any/all social media platforms, thus connecting with yourself before consuming the worlds and words of others.

I’m taking part because I love words, I love writing, I lack confidence in that arena, I need to write more. The poremise of disengaging with the outside world for the duration appeals, social media can be a source of unnecessary anxiety, in a world going at full speed, to hell. I often wish I didn’t have to be a part of that.

So here, on this page, I’ll link my #500words posts.
I’m undecided as to the frequency at which I’ll produce, maybe I’ll devote 1 week a month to disengaging, to vital introspection, to kick starting and subsequently maintaining a sustainable degree of creativity.

  1. Notebooks of ideas
  2. Bitch, please!